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Cover your face or turn away from the sun. On morning hunts, we waterfowl hunters are often faced with a west wind which points the blinds towards the rising morning sun. First of all. make sure you have a face shield to cover up with. Another good option is to set your blinds facing north of south of the sun (to reduce glare and so you do not have to try to shoot birds directly into the sun). Overload your decoys to one side of your blinds so they will fly across the front of your blinds. If you use the traditional U shape decoy spread, think about making the U into a J with the long arm of the J on the windward side and your blinds at the bottom of the J.
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Hunting Video from Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Snow Goose tornado

This was tornado 3 of 4 that day. absolutely amazing. It was worth the show without shooting our limit that morning, which we did anyway.

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