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5 Reasons to Practice at Long Range. (Taken from Field & Stream) 1. Shooting long-range targets demand consistency, in everything from how you breathe to how you hold the rifle, and this consistency carries over into the field. 2. Long range shooters have to understand exterior ballistics - what gravity and wind do to bullets once they leave the bore. Such knowledge, plus experimentation on the range, makes doping wind and estimating distances much easier in the field. 3. Shooting long means shooting a lot, which makes you more familiar with your equipment, which helps no matter what you are shooting at. 4. Shooting success starts between the ears, and a hunter that made 1,000 yard shots on steel has the confidence to ring up a buck at 300 yards because he has been there and done that. 5. A hunter with long-range experience is far less likely to throw lead towards an animal at an unknown distance and in a vicious wind, because he understands the shot uncertainty given the conditions.
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